Embrace the Future with Clear Coaching


Sue Cowen

My name is Sue Cowen, founder of Clear Coaching and a qualified life coach. I combine a range of life experiences with 20 years of corporate knowledge and parenting skills, to offer you a CLEAR, confident and authentic approach to your future.

If you are ready, your life will change and you will also gain valuable skills that will allow you to continue to improve and enhance many aspects of your life after our coaching time has ended.

Clear Coaching Services

Life Coaching

Whatever you need, or your whatever your current situation is, we will work together to create a clear understanding of your current situation with care, compassion and dedication to you.

Financial Coaching

Money issues are intertwined with our emotions, happiness and relationships. A little focused work in this area can produce astounding results across many aspects of your life.

Parenting Coaching

Parent coaching is a journey that parents take in the desire to be happy and successful parents and to achieve their goals and aspirations regarding their family.

Woman in Work

The modern woman is strong, powerful, resourceful and can have it all if that’s what she wants. Woman in work coaching allows us to understand what you as a woman want and how to achieve it.

General Coaching

Online Coaching

With Skype and other digital video applications widely available today, we can completely change our approach to coaching in a global community. I offer skype coaching across the globe and within RSA.