About Me


Sue Cowen

I am passionate about coaching people and partnering them to discover the changes that they want to make in their live and then supporting them on their journey towards these goals


  • I qualified with a BSc from the university of Stellenbosch before embarking on a rewarding 15-year career in private banking and the financial sector. 

  • Throughout my career I have had first-hand dealings with demanding clients, big targets and large work-loads. 

  • As a senior manager, I developed leadership skills and effective tools in a sales orientated segment

  • As a mother to three busy and developing boys, I have 15 years of hands on experience in the challenges , as well as the rewards, of conscience parenting

  • I believe in honesty, human connections, accountability, effort and above all; COURAGE. With these values, together with a belief in you and the use of the GROW model, we work in a structured yet flexible partnership, focused on real change and lasting results

  • I have a certificate in coaching through UCT (GetSmarter )and am also a qualified debt counsellor registered with the NCR of SA (National Credit Regulator) 


I care deeply about the work that I do and the people that I coach

If you are ready for some clarity and direction, we can get started.

  • I coach from my home office in Constantia Cape Town, South Africa, using face to face as a preferred method of interaction    

  • I also do skype based coaching which is very effective and practical for many busy people

  • Our initial session will be our discovery session.

  • Thereafter we will decide to contract for 4 or 9 further sessions by agreement

  • The action part of our work will be done in the strategy and tactical action phases

  • In the last session, we will wrap up, consolidate and look to the future

  • Our sessions will be 60 minutes in length



I love what I do every day and am deeply engaged to coach on any aspect in your life. Due to my own life experiences, as well as my career knowledge and qualifications, I am truly invested in coaching in the following areas:


  • Money issues and debt related guidance ( this includes guiding parents on how to develop their children's sense of money )

  • Woman finding their power and confidence both in their personal lives as well as in a tough corporate environment

  • Parents seeking to find a balance in their lives and to find the magical and rewarding harmony between being invested as a parent and at the same time invested in themselves and their own development

I excited to meet you and to get started on your most important project – YOU.