Seniors banking and Admin Assistance


The advances in technology have brought many benefits to the world.

However, there are parts of our populations, for whom this area brings great distress, confusion and vulnerability.

In an age where almost all "customer service" has evolved to an on- line and "help your self" style digital platform, those who are not tech savvy are very vulnerable and frustrated without easy access to the most basic services


I offer support to this older generation of client. I can safely and effectively assist them with their monthly admin needs.


In particular, I help them to navigate their daily and monthly banking needs from the comfort of their home. With over 15 Years of private banking experience, I am able to cut through the red tape and help clients to bank safely, efficiently and with a whole lot less stress.

At the same time, I also help these clients with broader admin needs such as telephones, accounts, service provider queries and follow ups, quotes, repair request, doctors appointments etc.

For families who have immigrated, leaving elderly parents in RSA, this service is of great comfort to all.

If you or any of your family members need help and reassurance in this regard, I can support you.


Online Assistance

I can provide both face to face support as well as telephonic or online assistance depending on the specific situation and the need.