Seniors Banking and Admin Assistance

What is Senior's Support

The digital age has brought us massive advancements and benefits

But for those who are not tech savvy and who struggle with digital platforms, this is not the case

Very often our older generation find it very difficult to cope with the required processes involved to get service in a digital and on line world

I can help and support these clients in a number of areas.

Of particular importance and relevance are their banking needs. 

It is very important that we all stay on top pf our payments, statement audits, fraud attempts and general monthly budgeting and accounting of our precious finances.

My support brings great comfort and reduces the stress on these elderly client , as well as that of their family members, who in many cases, are too far away to lend the support that is needed

What Clear Coaching Can Do For You

I can help you or your elderly family members :

  • Keep on top of their monthly banking

  • Help with monthly payments of accounts 

  • Ensure that bank statements are checked regularly to confirm no oversight, theft or fraud

  • Order new cards or liaise with the bank on any query or admin issue that may arise

  • Support clients with their on -line banking when needed or appropriate

  • Assist in checking excess bank fees and ensuring excess accounts, cards, facilities etc are cleaned up 

  • Any and all other admin needs that arise for the elderly that i can  manage and process on their behalf

Online Senior Support

My senior support service has a face to face option ,as well as options to guide and support via the telephone when necessary