Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my coaching sessions be confidential?

Yes, 100%. There is no doubt that your entire journey with me is confidential and the information you share with me is used only for us and for use in our session.

2. Will my medical aid pay for these sessions?

Sadly, medical aids in RSA have not yet started to pay for coaching. However, please speak to your current employer as many of them will pay or part pay for your coaching sessions that focus on work goals and building your competencies within your current role.

3. How many sessions will I need?

There is no exact amount here, but for general coaching we normally start with a package of 5 sessions and then go from there.

For parenting and financial coaching, we take is one session at a time as the needs here vary greatly.

4. How do I choose the correct coach?

This is a very important element, and the fit between coach and client needs to be good one in order to optimise the work done and the results gained. After having a look at the information and approach on my site, if you feel that we can work together, please book your first session. After that, you will certainly know if we are a match.

5. Can I do coaching online?

With Skype and other digital video applications widely available today, we can completely change our approach to coaching in a global community. I offer skype coaching across the globe and within RSA. This offers both international and broader RSA clients many benefits. These include flexibility (after hours slots are available), no time spent on travel, the comfort of your own home environment as well as a broader range of interaction with expanded ideas and conversations.